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Haryana State Council for Child Welfare in order to provides specialized care to various children in need, has set up three Homes at Chhachhrauli,  District Yamunanagar. Our Home is popularly known as Balkunj exclusively for the children of Lepers. The second is Children Home for the neglected children under the JJ Act, 1986. And the third Home is a Shelter Home for short stay of children till their clearance from the Juvenile Welfare Board. All the three Homes are located in one huge complex having an area of about 8053 square yards with adequate open space for outdoor activities of children. The whole complex provides homely atmosphere to the resident children. It has nine independent cottages and each cottage is looked after by a House Mother who is a trained child welfare workers. On an average 15 to 20 children are accommodated in one cottage. The House Mother attends to the needs of the children like food and washing their clothes etc.  Each cottage has separate set of children under the charge of House Mother.  The details of each Home are as under:


Balkunj was established in the year 1969 to provide wholesome care to the segregated children of leprosy patients. It has capacity of 50 children. It fulfills residential, educational, recreational, emotional needs and security of children. The objective of Balkunj is to ensure overall healthy development and rehabilitation of the children. Boys and girls have been provided with separate cottages. The children less than 6 years of age are provided with specialized care in the Home and the school going children attend regular schools. Supervised Home Work Classes are also arranged for the children who require special attention in education. Facilities for vocational training are also provided to the children according to their interest and ability with a view to rehabilitate them. The children of Balkunj are encouraged to participate in the various extra curricular activities in the schools such as physical training, National Social Service etc. In the Home they are provided with outdoor and indoor facilities including various games like table tennis, music, library with books of general readings, news papers and magazines etc. Children are also taken for picnics and educational trips. Since our responsibility doesn’t end with providing shelter and education, the State Council also solemnized marriage of many girls when they reached marriageable age, from its own resources. 

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