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The Couples interested in adoption of child can apply to HARYANA STATE COUNCIL FOR CHILD WELFARE we will make the best efforts to help. 

    * The adoptive parents should have a reasonable & regular source of income which can support the needs of a child within a family.

    * Neither of the parents should have a major illness that would come in the way of parenting.

    * Neither of the parents should have a criminal record.

    * The composite age of the adoptive  couple should not exceed 90 years.

    * The age different between the adoptive parents and adoptive child should be at least 21 years.

    * In case of inter state adoption the permission of ACA of the concerned State may be taken, However the preference will be given to the parents residing in  Haryana State.

                                     STEPS TO BE COMPLETED FOR ADOPTION

    * Couple desiring to adopt a child should visit the office of the Honorary General Secretary Haryana State Council for Child Welfare/ House No. 650, Sec- 16-D, Chandigarh., Phone No.  2770393 & 2543453. A preliminary interview/ per adoptive counseling will be conducted.

    * Couple has to fill up a simple application form in which brief bio data is to be given.

    * Couple has to fill up a set of form amounting to Rs. 1000/- (which is available in the office) for registering them for adoption of a child.

    * The following documents in three copies (1 original +2 Duplicates) have to be attached with the form.

    * Date of Birth Certificate or Matriculation Certificate showing date of birth of the Couple (Xerox Copies)

    * Marriage Certificate/Affidavit.

    * Medical Fitness Certificate from the authorized Medical Practitioner of both husband and wife separately state therein that the parents are not suffering from any disease which also include HIV & Hepatitis –B test report.

   * Gynecological Report ( from MBBS, MD,GYN.) : Infertility should be mentioned

    * If applicable. The report must include the line of treatment the couple is  undergoing/has undergone the period of treatment , an opinion or a childless and the chances of the couple have a biological child in future , whether nil, remote or fair .

   * Photographs:  A recent post card size photograph of adoptive family (3 copies).

    * Recommendations: Two letters of recommendation from persons who know the family well enough to recommend them as a married couple and they can become good parents and take care of the Child. Letters should not be from parents or immediate relatives of either spouse.

    * Property Statement:  Statements on the value of property owned by the family include other assets like bonds, shares, policies, fixed deposits etc. and other liabilities.

    * Employment Certificate: income Certificate from the employer including gross and net salary, designation and also the length of service of the husband and wife, in case the wife is employed in case of a self employed persons, income tax returns or certificate from Charter accountant giving details of the person’s type of employment, duration of employment and monthly or annual income.

   * Bank References: Indication the current bank balance of the adoptive family.

   Additional Documents if Applicable:

   * In Cases where couples have a biological and / or adopted child/children and if

      they are old enough they will be required to express their view.

    * A copy of the adoption decree, if the couple has adopted child/children earlier.

      * Divorce decree in case the spouse/spouses were earlier divorcees.

      * In case whether couples are over 105(composite age) years, a document from a younger family  

       member expressing there willingness to look after the child in case of any short or   

       long term  eventuality.

      * Police Verfication Report

      * After completing the form it should be submitting in the office of the Honorary                   

       General Secretary at Chandigarh.

      * After scrutinizing the set of forms, Home Study will be conducted by our Social                 


      * Social Worker will visit couple home in order to authenticate the information given in the set of forms and to conduct the Home Study.

      * If the Social Worker is satisfied with the couple and find the couple suitable for adoption of child, the name of couple will be entered in the waiting list.

      * Separate list is maintained for Male and Female children.

      * The child is to be given to the couple as per the seniority of the waiting list.

      * When the couple’s name figured at serial number one, the couple will be invited to see the child at our Shishu Greh situated at Bal Bhawan, Panchkula.

      * The couple will be shown one child at one time or as per the availability of children.

      * If the child is rejected by the couple, they will have to give in writing the reason for rejection of the child.

      * In case the child is selected by the couple, they have to give in writing the consent to adopt the child.

      * The child will be given in pre-adoptive foster care after executing temporary custody bonds between parents and Honorary General Secretary.

      * The couple as per the execution of pre adoptive foster care bond has to send monthly progress report of the child.

      * An application under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 is to be filled in the Hon’ble Court of Senior Sub-Judge Ist Class designated as Guardian Judge for granting legal custody of the child.

      * After the child is given in the legal custody to the couple the adoption deed is to registered in the office of Registrar, Chandigarh.

      * Accepted Fees scheduled for parents:

      Regn. Charges for adoption : Rs.1000/-

      Preparation of Home Study : Rs. 5000/- 

     Rs.40000/- will be deposited at the time of taking custody of child.

       After completing the above formalities, the follow up report of the child will be submitted to the office of             Honorary General Secretary in triplicate copies as per details given below:-

      First three years  : Quarterly Follow up reports

      Last Two years  : Half yearly progress report 

    For further information & guidance, please contact or write to: 
                                    Honorary General Secretary,

                                    Bal Vikas Bhawan, K.No.650,

                                    Sector-16D, Chandigarh.

                                    Ph. 0172-2770393,


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